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Guide to Porsche 911s

Click here:  Porsche Guide Link

The Road from Le Mans to Mid Ohio 2013

Thank you to our BCIR Driver Education Chair Sean for providing us with his experience from Le Mans…

BCIR FaceBook Page Hits Highest Numbers

Thank you to the 205 people that have “Liked” our BCIR FaceBook page.
We just got the report of the highest numbers recorded since it was created on April 27, 2016.

If you would like to receive FaceBook posts from BCIR, like our page at:

BC Interior Region Gives Back!

At BCIR, we believe in helping our communities. Last year, one of our charities was The Foundry Kelowna. It is a wellness centre where young people can find hope, help and support when they need it.

Through a silent auction, fundraisers and generous donations from our members, we raised $14,645.66.

Shown: President of BCIR – Brad Pape, Shari Slattery from The Foundry,
VP of BCIR – Manuel Zerwes.


GT3 RS Lego Technics Model

Finished Car

From Chris Wilson – BCIR Member
I wished for a GT3 RS for my birthday and got my wish … some assembly required!  I had heard and read about this amazing Lego Technics model and thought it would be great fun to build one.  It was a fun, challenging build that filled a bunch of cold Kamloops winter afternoons and evenings.  2700 pieces and 569 pages of instructions.  A truly amazingly engineered model with a working engine, functioning transmission with paddle shifters, working steering and a suspension that is a little on the soft side.  I ended up having to build the transmission twice because I mixed up two gears (it was just as fun the second time!).  To document the build I made a time lapse movie … with each picture .2 sec in duration the movie is 56 minutes long (that’s 16,800 pictures).


Shooting the shot

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