Finished Car

From Chris Wilson – BCIR Member
I wished for a GT3 RS for my birthday and got my wish … some assembly required!  I had heard and read about this amazing Lego Technics model and thought it would be great fun to build one.  It was a fun, challenging build that filled a bunch of cold Kamloops winter afternoons and evenings.  2700 pieces and 569 pages of instructions.  A truly amazingly engineered model with a working engine, functioning transmission with paddle shifters, working steering and a suspension that is a little on the soft side.  I ended up having to build the transmission twice because I mixed up two gears (it was just as fun the second time!).  To document the build I made a time lapse movie … with each picture .2 sec in duration the movie is 56 minutes long (that’s 16,800 pictures).


Shooting the shot