Had dry roads and the few vehicles we came upon pulled over for us, waving and smiling. Not the one finger wave. We arrived on time for more food. Great service and food, thanks to the Owners and Staff at the Ridge Roadhouse in Gold River. To continue the VIR tradition that was started over 10 years ago of donating to the Gold River Food Bank, BCIR members (all 20) presented the food bank with a cheque and cash totalling $870.00. As this is the largest amount ever donated, now the challenge is on. VIR, CWR and even WWR and Polar are challenged to meet or beat this on their next visit. Listening to the lady accepting the donation was heartwarming and brought a few tears in some. Then time to continue the adventure. By the time I was mobile, I realized that there was no one behind me. Finally got rid of them. Strange feeling, as all had left smiling in anticipation of the ride back. After brief gathering where we started the day, all went their own way to our next evening stop. Upon arrival, a few where already resting.
Photos by Gary